July 10, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – July 14, 2017 @ 10:00 pm
Healing Waters Sanctuary
1 The Roman Way
Glastonbury BA6 8AB
£850 - 1040

Reiki Master / Teacher And Advance Reiki Training  


Stonehenge – Main Reiki Master ‘Ignition‘ ceremony.

reiki-maya-glastonburyAmazingly we will have Stonehenge for our own private use!
We are having our main Reiki Master ‘Ignition -Attunement – Initiation’ ceremony in the middle of the stones circle. We will also be able to mediate and watch the sunset during our hour long Reiki Master ceremony.

For centuries the circle of Stonehenge have been used as a powerful initiation space. Since prehistoric times people have been celebrating rituals, spiritual ceremonies, initiations, harvests, weddings, births and death. The Stones were build over very powerful ley lines that converge here and mark a special and magical location for uplifting healing energies and spiritual growth.

We will attune ourselves to the new energies of Holy Fire Reiki and trust the ancient wisdom of the stones circle and of past ceremonies there to empower our own journey as Healer and Reiki Master.

Glastonbury – The Isle of Avalon – Reiki Master Class

reiki-glastonbury-torThe Reiki Master class will be held in Glastonbury, at the beautiful, healing space of The Healing Water Sanctuary in Glastonbury. We will stay and learn the Master teachings in this beautiful, restful and sacred place in Glastonbury.

The Healing Water Sanctuary is surrounded by open ground with a sacred healing spring at its centre, This spring has very powerful healing energy and is one of the legendary nine ancient springs of Avalon.

We will be using produce from the gardens watered with the sacred spring water to give you your delicious and healthy meals. It is the very freshest and most alive of organic food. The amazing Sue, who does the catering, is also a Reiki Master and very deeply attuned to the energy of the food.

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