Karuna guess teacher at Midlands, UK
President of The Spirit of the Peaks Centre for Reiki Training
Janet is a Karuna Reiki & Holy Fire Reiki Master and has been giving Reiki treatments and teaching Reiki for over 16 years. She has been teaching Karuna Reiki since 2000 and has been U.K. Karuna Reiki Representative for I.C.R.T since 2005. Janet has also developed, written and taught many other courses among them are Colour Reiki, Your Ascension Mission, Psychic workshops, Ascended Master courses, Crystal Gazing courses. Janet is a full time Reflexologist, Reiki Healer and Intuitive Counsellor. Janet reports having had many mystical experiences and visitations from the Spirit world and comes from a psychic family. Janet believes this class is the next step for Reiki Masters of all lineages and is very excited about running class along with Miguel. She hopes their combined life experiences, love of people and passion for Reiki will bring about peace, love and light into the teachings of this class.
Karuna & Holy Fire Teacher

Janet Roome

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Karuna & Holy Fire Teacher
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Everyday I think of the Masters course we had over three days how beautifully and smoothly everything worked together.
I can clearly state they were the most special days of my life so far. Each time I walked to that room including Reiki 1&2 I felt very safe and  happy. Your energy and confidence reflected on us every time.
 Lut, Reiki Master. London 

That was beautiful! To achieve so much in so little time! Thank you very much. And thank you all for being there :-)”

Louise, London
Thank you so much! The class was magical and I'm still on my cloud 🙂 It is very beautiful up here
Damian, London