Levels 1st & 2nd Degree Certification

Reiki 1 & 2

Level 1 and level 2 have been taught as two separate Reiki courses in the West, but they are much more beneficial when taught together as one course. This corresponds much more closely to how Usui the founder, taught Reiki.

After your level 1 & 2 Reiki course you will have a greater understanding of Reiki and using Reiki actively to work on conditions on a physical and emotional/mental level. You will understand the integral purpose of the Reiki symbols and you will understand how these work and how to use them for self healing and healing others. After this course the student can practice Reiki professionally.

During this course you will be attuned to Reiki in a way that enables you to use it for self-healing and to pass it on to others simply through the laying on of hands. You will learn abut Reiki history, principles, western and japanese Reiki techniques. You will also have a practical introduction to the energy field body: Chakras and Aura and you will be able to sense the differences between each chakra and balance them.

The attunement  dramatically raise the human frequency and enable you to access specific frequencies of energy. You will sense and recognize the integral purpose of Reiki that will enhance the ability to look at life in a more harmonious and peaceful way.

Some topics cover in the Course


*Intuitive Reiki & Holy Fire Reiki Attunements

*Attunements (Usui and Holy Fire Reiki)

*Mindfulness and Meditation

*Byosen Scanning

*Self treatment, given a treatment

*Hands on practice

*Energy field practice

*Chakras balancing

*Attunements to the 3 Reiki symbols

*Japanese techniques

*Distance Hialing

*Aspects of the professional practice, Insurance, client’s treatments, Reiki associations.

REIKI SHARES: extra practice after the course. Reiki shares are the 3th Thursday of every month.


*An internationally recognize certificates. (two certificates)

*Comprehensive PDF Manual

*Life long post course support (non profit)

*After course practice in the Reiki Shares (non profit)* 

***The class size will be kept small, to make sure that participants will receive a maximum of individual attention****

Reiki 1 & 2 is a two days course over a weekend.

Time: From 10am to 5:30pm both days (Saturday and Sunday)

 VENUE IN LONDON:    BUDDHA ON A BICYCLE        Covent Garden, 27 Endell Street. London .WC2H 9BA              VENUE IN GLASTONBURY:       SHEKIM ASHRAM Dod lane, Glastonbury.   

*After the course you will get life time support by email, and you will be able to assist to the Reiki Shares that will continue the learning process and is a great opportunity also to ask any further question, share and hear reiki experience and meet new fellows reiki students/practitioners.  

Fees & Booking

FEE: £375

Eearly Bird Discount: £295 available  

*Only few seats available at this discount rate: £295*

“Each time you bring Reiki into yourself you are bringing in more of your own soul, the wiser, grander and more loving part of you into this world. Can you imagine the benefits?” Adam-reiki student

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Miguel Chavez
Miguel Chavez
Founder of Reiki Maya. Reiki Master & Teacher