Reiki is Your Natural State

Discover your own Healing Power. Choose your level and focus to find the perfect course for you.

8th- 9th April • 2 places left

Upcoming Reiki Courses  Level 1&2  Degree Certification in London

  • *Intuitive Reiki & Holy Fire Reiki Attunements
  • *Self treatment, given a treatment
  • *Mindfulness and Meditation
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The Benefits of Practice Reiki:

Physical Healing

Reiki promotes physical healing, in any illness reduces pain and accelerates the healing process.

Medicine Complement 

Reiki complements conventional therapies. Actually the NHS is accepting Reiki in hospitals.

Harmony and Balance

Reiki helps to relax and allows us to deal with anxiety, depression, and emotional problems.

Courage and Strength 

“I now have the energy to follow my dreams”.  Stories I hear from students after learning Reiki.

Our Courses

Choose Yor Level and Focus
Reiki levels 1&2
Sat, Sun 10.30 am - 05:00pm
Reiki Level 1
Saturday 10.30am - 5.30pm
Reiki Level 2
Sunday 10.30 am - 05:00pm
Karuna Reiki & Holy Fire II
2 places left 10.30am - 6.00pm
London Reiki Master & Teacher Training
• 1 place left • 10.30pm - 6.00pm
Everyday I think of the Masters course we had over three days how beautifully and smoothly everything worked together.
I can clearly state they were the most special days of my life so far. Each time I walked to that room including Reiki 1&2 I felt very safe and  happy. Your energy and confidence reflected on us every time.
 Lut, Reiki Master. London 

That was beautiful! To achieve so much in so little time! Thank you very much. And thank you all for being there :-)”

Louise, London
Thank you so much! The class was magical and I'm still on my cloud 🙂 It is very beautiful up here
Damian, London

It was an fantastic day and really lovely people. I'm still reverberating! Thank you everyone for making the day so amazing and thank you Miguel for your fabulous inspiring teaching. Big love X


In a ward-AMAZING! I am truly touched by the whole experience. Would recommend it to anyone eagerly. London needs more days & experiences like this one

The reiki master course has enlightened me so so much, It has enhanced my life so drastically and I would just like to say to anyone reading this that THIS Is the right time to do the course, you can bring all of your dreams into the present, you just have to make the decision that you can do it….. and you will…..
The course blew me away quite frankly.  The content is not difficult to understand and easily put into practise. I was excited after the attunements when I realised that I was able to give Reiki treatments to myself and others.  The feedback I received on the course, particularly from a fellow student who received the first ever Reiki treatment I'd given, was extraordinarily.
This Reiki course was the best spiritual experience I had undertaken all year.  I found Miguel to be very caring and diligent in his content delivery and attunements. The Reiki course and experiences exceeded all my expectations.  The distance Reiki healing was also phenomenal, based upon feedback I received after the course from those who received it.  Absolutely mind blowing.

Thank you so so much for the course. I have to say that it was the best thing I have ever experienced since having my daughter!!! I feel amazing!!! I cant wait to do the masters!!   My hands have been permanently warm and tingly since sunday!! I have tried reiki with my dogs. The cats love it!!!

Miguel Picture

Miguel Chavez

Reiki Master Teacher

Since 2006 he has been practicing Reiki in London, in a private practice  and therapies rooms like Buddha on a Bicycle where he actually practice.

Miguel also worked for Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) at the Light House offering volunteering Reiki therapies for people living with HIV

He is the founder  of the international Reiki school: Reiki Maya and also is the founder of the altruist foundation: “We Love You Project” offering free treatments, workshops and classes for people in vulnerable conditions.

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